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Month: January, 2016

Glade Decor Scents Glass Holder, Clean Linen, 0.28 Ounce (Pack of 2)

Remember the freshness of warm, spring breezes blowing through the laundry outside. Give your home a gentle lift with Clean Linen, America’s favorite Glade Fragrance!
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DSLR – The Camera For Control Freaks

Are you a photographer or perhaps an aspiring one, looking for the perfect camera to shoot with? Or are you trying to figure out the best digital camera to buy?Photography enthusiasts would probably agree that no other type of camera could be as versatile or as responsive to very specific photography needs as a digital single lens reflex camera or a DSLR camera. The leverage for adjustment and creativity can be as many as the photographs that you take. And, unlike the manual film camera which may also give you similar options for lighting and speed control, the SLR digital camera also allows you to simply delete or send to the trash bin those unwanted photos.Let’s try to dissect this.Should you need to take photographs during night time; the SLR digital camera gives you the option to adjust the shutter speed or the amount of time with which the photograph is taken. A higher or longer shutter speed, say ten to twenty seconds will allow more light exposure thus resulting to a brighter photo. However, a reliable and sturdy tripod or table is needed; otherwise you might end up with a blurred photograph. Why is this so? It would be quite impossible to keep your hand really steady for a good ten seconds!

On the other hand if you’re the type of photographer who has problems taking blurry photos with your digital camera, this can easily be resolved by adjusting your shutter speed to just a single second when using the SLR camera. This may result though to dm photographs but this really works for outdoor daytime photographs. Besides, most cameras have the handy flash ready to assist you in your lighting needs.Compared to the compact digital camera with auto-focus and face recognition features, the SLR digital camera recognizes your freedom of choice! With appropriate adjustment settings, you can even choose to have your photograph focus on not just one but several subjects on your frame. In most models, this is best tested by pressing on the shutter button half-way. This will allow you to identify the focus areas as these will be marked with red dots or with mini-frames on the LCD screen. You can do this as many times as you can until you have properly adjusted your camera settings to focus exactly where you want it to.This means that when taking a photograph of, for example, flowers in a garden, you have the choice of making a specific flower the photo’s point of focus by making it appear sharper than the rest of the objects in the photo.

If you’re a photographer who frequently shifts from taking landscape photos to portrait or even to photojournalism then you should be getting a camera that allows you to change the lenses that you use. This will help ensure the quality of your photographs.More importantly, the photographs taken with the SLR digital camera can have your personal touch and give your work the mark of a professional. It allows you to showcase your personal style and gives your photographs your identity. It gives your work the much needed personality!In a nutshell this is most definitely the camera for control freaks.